Santa Fe Girls Varsity Softball Fundraiser

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Authorities were in the process of rendering them safe and asked the public to call if they see anything suspicious. He was being held without bond on a charge of capital murder. The suspect's father owned the weapons legally, Abbott said, adding that he didn't know whether the father was aware his son had obtained the weapons. Abbott said the suspect had said that he wanted to commit suicide after the shooting.

Sometimes they would seek support from local churches. Certainly he understood that whenever someone left, there always seemed to be a new recruit available for initiation. When they returned hours later, members wept with shame and relief. Joslyn insists that for the eight men in the cult, including Applewhite, who submitted to surgical castration, the decision made perfect sense once they had firmly decided to become celibate. He is charged with capital murder of multiple persons and aggravated assault against a public servant.

Greg Abbott said at an afternoon news conference. To ensure that no one got too friendly, to say nothing of becoming romantically involved, the leaders rotated partners regularly.

Two people of interest were being interviewed by authorities, Abbott said. In the case of year-old Jacqueline Leonard of Des Moines, Iowa, who was among the dead at Rancho Santa Fe, the cult allowed her to bend the rules and stay in regular touch with her family. Joslyn concedes that though he enjoyed himself as a member, it was not always the most stimulating experience.

Louis County public defender. If nothing else, it would have conformed to the stereotype of what members of a doomsday cult should be like. The suspect had a shotgun and a. And for those who did stay, Applewhite made it a point to provide numerous, if carefully chosen, opportunities for relaxation and entertainment. This time he would seize the portent before it fizzled.

Joslyn concedes that

Within a few weeks, the cult began to wander, staying in such out-of-the-way places as Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyo.

Two people of interest

Nettles was determined to impose order, insisting that daily routines be spelled out to the minute. He was given a bus ticket home to Florida and a soothing word from Applewhite, who said he understood. Two substitute teachers and several students were killed in Friday's shooting. Indeed, Applewhite often reminded his flock that they were free to leave any time they wanted. When not camping in the countryside, they would settle for a time in towns where they earned money working as waitresses or store clerks.

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Though they constantly proselytized, they generally did so discreetly, mainly to avoid the desperate relatives of recruits who often came looking for their vanished loved ones. Sources confirmed to Pegues that authorities were searching property related to the suspect. Like other apostates, he was treated with respect, not scorn.

But it is clear now that Applewhite was determined that his earnest, gentle flock not go soft. Rather than browbeat their recalcitrant underlings, the Two announced, sadly, that they were going to leave the group for a time to meditate on why they had failed in their leadership. He said he saw firefighters treat a girl who had a bandage around her knee and may have been shot. When teachers and students were outside after the fire alarm was pulled, shots were fired, Turner said.

In the case of yearoldThough they constantly proselytized they