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That was when I realized that there are people here that aren't what they seem. Looks-wise, someone who takes care of themselves, but I don't really have a type. Even if Ikki Twins agree that they are bisexual, they are yet to get married and they have not been married yet. We're never, ever away from each other now. Did the whole experience bring you closer?

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Rikki kept it private as long as she could, until the day that Vikki admitted that she was also attracted to women and in fact a bisexual. And also, someone that's honest, trustworthy, that's number one, because I've had a lot of problems with not-so trustworthy people in the past. The twins are known to be blonde bombshells who have modeled for different magazines and shows.

Yes, we're both looking for our own individual love. They started to live in San Diego in California. But maybe there wasn't anything there because she actually was straight and wasn't really interested in me. My mom caught me kissing one of my girlfriends, and I kinda felt ashamed, and she didn't make me feel ashamed, but I felt like it was something wrong that I was doing.

It would've been nice to hear what to expect. We just want you to keep an open mind, just like we are. We had no idea what to expect and just went into it with open hearts, so that was kinda good. We're even closer now than we've ever been. Even if she was just saying that because she was hurt I dismissed her, like, that's just rude.

They are known for their stage name Ikki Twins. Get ready to meet the Ikki Twins - sexy, spunky and spontaneous, these bisexual twins are double the trouble and double the fun.

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It was awesome because it was the first time in a really long time that we both were single and we both had been single for a while, so it wasn't like we were just coming out of a relationship. Everybody here wants to fall in love. It was also there that their lives changed forever! Vikki's more of the free-spirited one. They aren't gonna be there forever.

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Right at the beginning of college, crossfit dating service Vikki went to spring break and I found out that she had kissed a girl. They are identical twins and also television personalities at the same time. The twins made a pact to do anything to find love.

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What is she doing in the back of the truck? You haven't talked to her since the show ended? We didn't even think about that as a possibility in the beginning because it's not something that's ever happened to us before. Did you talk to Tila before the show or get any advice from her?

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Did you both want to do it, or did one of you need convincing? Being that Rikki was born just a few seconds before her sister, she and Vikki have been inseparable since birth.

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Did you talk about what you would do if you liked the same person? As their careers were taking off, both Rikki and Vikki hoped their love lives would do the same. They say that they are bisexual, Rikki was the one to discover this first and then Vikki found it afterwards. Was she really straight or did she just say that to piss you off because she got axed?

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No one there could tell them apart, so in an effort to not call the girls the wrong names, they were nicknamed the Ikkis! Their salary and net worth had not been recorded anywhere. As far as looks go, someone that takes care of themselves, they don't have to be all buff or anything, and close to their family. She is able to work but her left arm with hand will only hang out.

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But her attraction for women never went away. Have you ever fought over or dated the same person? In two days after coming out of the coma, she was hallucinating and had nightmares. She would get really mad at me.

The only thing we were hesitant about going into it was how our family was gonna react.

The trailers showed you guys arguing sometimes and shoving each other off the chairs. They also appeared in several Playboy Special Edition mags. Not only that, but the reason Rikki got caught was because I was watching her and our friend make out, and she told me to get them a blanket. When I found out she had, I didn't feel so weird anymore, and we talked about it then.

It was that conversation that gave Rikki the comfort she needed to come out as a bi-sexual as well. Rikki was the first to discover that she was interested in girls - in fact she was attracted to girls before guys! Ikki Twins worked as waitresses in the local Hooters Restaurants and were put on the Hooters Calendar. Now Rikki has to put helmet in order to protect her skull where some fragment of the bones are missing while the speech is slurred still.

How did you get involved with the show? But this situation, we kinda had to keep to ourselves in order to keep everything open. No, we didn't have the opportunity to talk to her, unfortunately.

Although dating both men and women certainty doubled the dating pool, it also doubled the heartbreak. What do you each look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend?