Waiting period for royal enfield classic 500 in bangalore dating

Waiting period for royal enfield classic 500 in bangalore dating

There were couple of bulls in my street itself, one being with my next door neighbor. How do they maintain the booking seniority, I was told about people who booked after me and got bike from the same showroom. Executives at the Delhi based company owned Royal Enfield dealership shared that the motorcycle maker will start with the deliveries in the metro cities first and sooner will take it across India. But that too has passed now. As a point of fact, they had collected mobile number, email address and postal address as part of the booking procedure.

The moment I sold it off I started missing my bull. Years passed, joined an engineering college in Kerala.

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Three bulls were there as well. Around September they enquired whether I would be going for finance options, if else keep the money ready.

There were coupleExecutives at the Delhi basedHow do they maintain the

My better half also used to like the peaceful ride it used to provide. He started asking questions like who called me, what time I was called, what was told etc. It soon became my daily commute vehicle. It used to be a sight to behold.

Couple of years back I had a very bad patch financially, bull proved to be a very good companion during that time as well, I had to sell it to a friend. The dealers have also started with the test-rides of the Twins and in some cases have also provided door-step test rides at the homes or offices of the prospective buyers. This repeated few times, then I stopped calling as it was more than frustrating and also thought they would call when the booking is due. Though none of the dealers shared exact details about the booking numbers, they said that they have been receiving enquiries for about two months which suddenly spiked from the day of the launch.

Royal Enfield is yet to reply to the query made. Around another mallu joined my firm, he was looking forward for owning a Bull, he casually asked me whether I would also be interested in buying one as well.

Couple of weeks back, I called them again, they called me back and asked me to visit showroom and make the payment, it was on a Saturday afternoon. After an hour I was asked to meet the store manager.

One was with the junior most profs in college, a rugged one was there with one of our seniors. But after this I started getting very vague responses, usually on the boundary of being rude, usual responce being the concerned person is not around at this moment, try again later.

We used feel like being in heaven. However, the catch is that those eying for them will have to wait for three months to get hands on their motorcycles. He finally told me he do not have a bike to give, he should be able to give one during the first week of April. The third one belonged to a person who stayed behind the college.