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Not caring about the perfect moment, Lavon proposes to Lemon on the side of the road. Annabeth also gets angry about George assuming that she'd eventually move to Nashville to be with him.

She suggests that they break up. Brick officially makes Zoe a partner at the medical practice. Meanwhile, the Breelands are trying to put together the perfect engagement party, but run into a few complications. George tells Annabeth that he loves her and they agree to try to make it work. In the end Zoe decides to move back to Bluebell, with Joel.

Zoe and Wade say their vows on the way to the delivery room, welcoming their son into the world shortly after. Before he can do so, everyone meets up at the hospital to support Zoe and Wade, who then decide to get married as soon as possible. Even more fun is the idea that Lemon and Wade are messing with Zoe by telling her that they are now a couple. During the party, Lavon finally tells Lemon the truth about the proposal and she leaves, dating coach mensen met een beperking while Zoe goes into labor.

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Lavon enlists Brick and George to help him plan a real proposal. Finding George proves to be easier then she thinks when the noisy neighbor in the motel room next to hers turns out to be a disheveled George. Ratings rose in the fourth season, but was not enough to sustain a renewal.