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It should be the terminal on the bottom with the voltage regulator mounted on the car with the plug thingy on the driver's side. That wire goes to the voltage regulator and then winds it's way to the charge indicator light and miraculously turns green with a red stripe along the way. They take their car to some technician when what they actually need is a mechanic, and this, frequently, does not work out very well at all for the owner.

The two pictures of the back of an alternator show how the wires are supposed to be attached to the back of it. The differences between the two systems are all in the way that the charge indicator tells you what's happening with the system. There is another wire that is black with a green stripe that jumps off of the red wire with a green stripe that comes from the ignition switch and then goes to the charge indicator light.

From what I've seen so far concerning wiring diagrams, this is definitely not correct. The new one is an Ultima brand and I don't know much about it - if it is a good brand or not. There should be three wires attached to back of the alternator of a They will look, fit and perform exactly as original. On a dodge alternator the two small wires go to the voltage regulator.

The large wire goes to

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This wire goes over to the voltage regulator and is going into the terminal marked F on the side of the voltage regulator. And learn where that circuit goes to the next terminal point or fuse point. Performance Distributors custom crafts the alternator for vintage Fords. This system, like all other electrical systems, can't just push power out into the void.

Directions and an adapter with terminals are included for running a stock Mustang steering column. Testing is easier than replacing if it is not destroyed.

The alternator generates power and sends that out into the cars electrical system. It is usually taped up and wrapped in black.

The large wire goes to the battery and it is important that you don't undersize this wire. These harnesses will provide the finishing touch for any original or restored vehicle. Pardon Our Interruption A deep-groove pulley improves belt traction and alternator speed. Shop by category And I think, truth be told, that this is by far the largest class of Mustang owners. Everything is there for a professional installation.

Shop by category And I thinkPardon Our Interruption A deepgrooveThe new oneFrom what I've

Well when the parts were all going back into my car, the person that did the work for me installed the alternator and associated wiring. That's why you need to consider the easy installation of a Mr.

These harnesses will