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Shady characters in important positions. We're not worried Football Italia Fiorentina patron Diego Della Valle insists he's not worried after the club was indicted in the Calciopoli trial. There are precedents in the first level of the football league at the beginning of the last century.

It is a derby whose origins date back to a strong rivalry between the two cities as far back as the Middle Ages. Played several times in Serie A. Italy tries to plays through scandal Denver Post The story has all the trappings of an Italian criminal tale. Numerous meetings were held in the early s in Second Division after years of militancy in different series.

The rivalry has historical roots thatPessotto cade dalla finestra

The two sides met several times in the Serie A and Serie C but never in the top flight. It is strongly felt by both sets of fans. The competition is also about economic and cultural aspects, apparently similar, but with subtle differences, which are found for example in the dialect.

Both companies have in the past

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It's a duel between the two branches of Lake Como to Volta and the Manzoni. The rivalry has historical roots that finds traces in the communal. Both companies have in the past Serie A and four times they met in the top flight. It represents the clash between the two teams most qualified at the regional level, the only ones to have achieved, although at different times, the championship of Italian Cup. Pessotto cade dalla finestra della sede della Juve.

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