Tanya tahidi high dating

Tanya tahidi high dating

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Last weekend was very busy, on Friday during the day I was doing recordings for a radio show, and then from six in the evening to seven in the morning we were shooting the new series- Jane and Abel. It was hard not acting for a whole year, even though I was hosting Mashariki Mix, it almost felt like I was walking around with a hole in my heart. The two share a striking resemblance and their beauty is one to behold.

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That means being able to turn down roles that will not grow my brand. We also learn about production, and so I have grown so much just doing the show. However I will find a way to use my degree one day.

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This year however Dorothy Ghettuba approached me with a role in the new series Jane and Abel and I loved it.

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It was a bit scary at first because you can never be too sure if you will get another acting job, but I am glad that I was firm and strategic, and it is now paying off. It gets crazy sometimes, but I love every moment. It is a more presenter driven show, and so when you go to the ground to cover an event you do your own links and thus you have to have the personality that will carry you through. It was a lot of hard work, networking and realising that you are a brand.