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Nico's sexuality was explored in when she tries to kiss Peri. Charlotte is a lesbian and the former partner of Lydia. Peter is married but is revealed to be in an extramarital affair with a family friend. John is a drag queen act hired to perform in The Queen Victoria. Connie originates from Australia and dated Yvonne, who she was engaged to.

The program concerns the lives of a fictional neighborhood in Germany's capital city Berlin. Although she has initially appeared as heterosexual, she has a one-night stand with Sarah and claims that she loves her one day. Naomi began an affair with married Sonia, which developed into a relationship. Debbie is bisexual and although mainly has relationships with men, she had a relationship with Jasmine.

Della is the serial's first lesbian character, who was introduced as an attempt to portray positive examples of homosexual characters. Met deze combinatie van anonimiteit en risico's staan apps als Grindr in de traditie van oudere homo-ontmoetingsplaatsen als urinoirs, parken en parkeerplaatsen langs snelwegen.

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Gina is a lesbian who establishes a relationship with Emily. Instead Will is attracted to Paul, and they fall in love and become a couple. It is implied that this is the cause of Nick's homophobia.

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Aaron is originally a closeted homosexual who is eventually revealed as a self-lothing homosexual. Emily Taylor, portrayed by Lorna Pegler, is a lesbian who enters a relationship with Gina. Doug is originally portrayed as heterosexual, divorced women's dating profile sample although he later comes out after developing feelings for Ste.

John Paul then dates Spike and Kieran, before reuniting with Craig. Het blijft wel toegestaan om voorkeuren op een positief omschreven manier aan te geven.

Olivia begins a relationship with Natalia. After publicly announcing it and trying to win her flatmate back, Anni decides to give their relationship a try, which becomes a full-fledged romance. Steven is bisexual and comes out after kissing Christian. Barry dates Colin until his father discovers their relationship and so, to appease his father, Barry pretends to be heterosexual, although it does not work and he reunites with Barry.

Upon his return, Steven is shown to be a relationship with a woman. Jason experiences gender dysphoria and is a transgender man who retained an attraction to males. Kyle has an affair with Ryan while he is engaged to a woman, and later begins a relationship with James.

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Lawrence is a closeted homosexual, who later comes out when he begins a relationship with Ronnie. Danny is bisexual and originally has a love triangle with Syed and Christian. Brendan dates Becky and later, Melanie who he marries but has affairs with men before and during the marriage. He has an affair with Paul and later comes out, having sex with Johnny after Paul's death. Craig is initially portrayed as heterosexual but later begins identifying as bisexual.

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Tosh is a lesbian and is in a relationship with Tina. Chloe is bisexual and begins a relationship with Tilly. Charlie is bisexual and had a relationship with Joey. Robert splits from the woman and has a relationship with Aaron.

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Tony is bisexual and has relationships with women and men, most notably with Simon. She later begins a relationship with Kim, however also kisses Grace. Voor lesbische vrouwen is er een vergelijkbare app onder de naam Her. Charity had a sexual relationship with Zoe and is deemed bisexual by Atkins, which surprised her.

In liet de maker van Grindr weten dat het voortaan niet meer is toegestaan om discriminerende opmerkingen in een profieltekst op te nemen. He has a relationship with Jackson and later with Robert. Liv is the first asexual character on a British soap, confessing to Belle Dingle and later Gabby Thomas that she feels no attraction towards boys or girls.

Kieron is a priest who came out to John Paul, resulting in them beginning an on-off fling. Ivan is bisexual and has a relationship with Paul and his sister Nicola Blackstock. Queenie is an effeminate homosexual and a prisoner inside Dickens Hill. Jodie is bisexual and introduced for a love triangle involving Texas and Dodger. Zoe is a lesbian, who dates many women including Charity before developing schizophrenia.

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Syed is initially a closeted homosexual, whose Islamic religion prevents him from coming out. Kelly later dies and Tanya reconciles with Matt. Charity is a drag queen act hired to perform in The Queen Victoria.

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Jasmine is bisexual and has a relationship with Debbie. Vincent is a closeted homosexual, who begins a secret relationship with George. He befriends Lenny and eventually falls in love with him, which turns out to be requited. Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis. Teksten waarin gebruikers aangeven dat ze geen contact willen met bijvoorbeeld Aziatische, zwarte, dikke of vrouwelijke mannen zullen door moderatoren worden verwijderd.