Relationship dating seminar

Relationship dating seminar

The course consists of

Educational presentations on topics based on the latest relationship research. Sitting in a circle and divulging intimate details of your relationship.

You may feel the price is too much pay. There will be people who bring their friends.

The course consists of meaningful lectures from John, small group exercises, partner processes, guided visualizations, writing exercises, personal sharing and personal work with John. He also gives you easy-to-use tips for avoiding common arguments and relationship conflicts.

Sex, Intimacy and Your Spiritual Life Sex directly nurtures our male and female sides more than any other activity a couple can share. Within five minutes, she had the entire audience noting every word. There will be people who are in relationships but decided to come alone. Positive change requires effort. John will show you how to apply the intense intimacy that comes with sex to your own personal, spiritual path in life.

Within five minutesThere will be people who are

John's books, audios and videos are like road maps to better relationships. You deserve a life filled with love, deeply connected to your ultimate love, your Soul Mate. Making Up Instead of Breaking Up Disagreements and arguments are expected in relationships but never enjoyed. Some may never learn if they have ever found their true Soul Mate. Frequently Asked Questions We know you probably have a lot of questions about this event.

Sex Intimacy and Your Spiritual

Singles Seminars - Building Lasting Relationships

The days are relaxing and fun. You won't just sit and learn these life-changing techniques from John. That is an amazing price and a fraction of what John's corporate and private clients pay for his relationship and communication coaching. There will be singles looking for love.

They supplement our one-to-one coaching clients really well but also work as stand alone sessions. You can expect to enjoy a better life - a life that you had always imagined having with a loving partner.

The number one reason most couples fight is due to misunderstandings and miscommunication. The Corte Madera Inn is a resort-style, certified green hotel with a pool and lush five acre setting. For most men, great sex creates intimacy. For most women, intimacy creates great sex.

We encourage an intimate, supportive environment. John will show you how to increase the passion in your relationship by viewing it as a sacred partnership. John will share his practical solutions for finding the forgiveness to move past a fight and progress to a more loving, supportive relationship.

He also gives