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He offered and performed the B. She is adamant that she would host. The mother states that the daughter needs to get educated. He tells her about different types of sex, ever mentions sex with the minor. He agrees to meet the mother.

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He also informs her that he can host. And don't come into my courtroom with any more of this phony crap!

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He is currently working a civil suit against the Sheriff's Department but the damage has been done. Mother only sends a picture of the minor and not of her. He refuses to travel to the home and tells the mother to meet him at a public location. Once again, the government should not be tempted citizens not in the process of trying to commit a crime to do so, and then arrest them for their moral failings. What the Courts do afterward is not their problem.

Sheriff's Department still adamantly believe that the Undercover Female Cop did not create the crime and entrapped the individual. Mother states well let's meet up and talk.

Mother wants to know what her daughter would be learning. They were among five men arrested in March as part of an ongoing investigation of men who meet boys through Internet chat rooms, karlie redd dating authorities said. Mother is adamant that he drive to her home but he refuses and she finally agrees.

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It's another for an undercover officer to approach a person doing their grocery shopping to see if they want to buy some weed and then arrest them if they express interest. It's one thing for an undercover officer to attempt to buy drugs from a suspected drug dealer.

He again states that he will meet up with the mother. She still want him to travel. They only have to report the arrest to the State and Department of Justice. Some time later the police read the chats, determined the boy was underage, and arrested the adults. He ask mother for a picture.

Individual agrees and asks her what she is interested in doing. He is moving to another State.