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Old cape dutch house dating back to the late 1800s

Call or visit merchantshouse. It was then acquired by the current owners for use as a guesthouse.

Because of Gertrude's long tenure as owner and resident, the house underwent no changes in its century with the Tredwell family. The late-Federal and Greek Revival building ten stayed in Tredwell family hands for nearly years. In reality he created an English country home with Cape Dutch style Gables.

Their improvements have restored this beautiful property to its former glory. The farming area was well known for its Virginia tobacco and an old tobacco drying barn, now converted into a house, is next to this property. Ralph says the property would appeal to the discerning buyer.

One characteristic feature

It is said that Gertrude's lonely spirit remains in the house, still bitter at her father's disapproval of her choice for a suitor. South African gables have many features in common with gables along the river Zaan, in spite of the different materials used.

The old carriage

It remains the only structure in Manhattan to have been preserved in its original configuration, with period furniture and conserved details. Reminiscent of a bygone era, the home has a wraparound verandah, high ceilings, the original wooden floors and an old Victorian fireplace.

One characteristic feature of South African colonial architecture which has attracted the attention of many observers is the extensive use of gables. Baker looked for a Cape vernacular style and drew influence from Cape Dutch buildings.

The houses are also usually H-shaped, with the front section of the house usually being flanked by two wings running perpendicular to it. The old carriage house in the garden has been converted into an en-suite flatlet with its own kitchenette.

The Merchant's House Museum offers candlelight ghost tours and an Seabury Treadwell funeral reenactment. Photo by Courtesy Curious Expeditions New York, New York This red brick and white marble row house was bought by wealthy hardware merchant Seabury Tredwell just three years after it was built.

The houses are also usually Hshaped

Halloween's Best Haunted Historical House Tours