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Nwo matchmaking

At Uncensored, Team nWo won the tag team titles. Savage went on the attack, nailing both Outsiders with repeated axe-handle smashes from the top rope.

In matches, nWo Sting would lose to opponents, or need help from the entire nWo to win a match. The next night on Nitro, an angry Sting laid into his fellow wrestlers as well as the fans for doubting his true colors.

The television announcers would refer to him as imposter, fake, or bogus Sting. However, nWo Hollywood accused the former champion of stalking Miss Elizabeth and Goldberg was arrested and taken from the arena in handcuffs. The next night on Nitro, Hall was introduced as the newest member of nWo Hollywood. During this feud, nWo Sting left the group and sided with Chono.

Booker T now in the group, his sidekick Goldust attempted and failed many times to get in, with the rest of the members X-Pac and Big Show becoming frustrated at Booker. The official match result was a no contest and Savage had to be carried from the ring by an exhausted Sting. Zbyszko later defeated Bischoff at Starrcade. Flair declared he would give up all his possessions if he lost.

Bret Hart never officially joinedDuring the match Hennig

Bret Hart never officially joined either side, but supported nWo Hollywood as a member recruiter. Bischoff said that he had found three men who would answer their challenge, but would not name them. During the match, Hennig turned on his team to align with the nWo. However, Jarrett also feuded with fellow nWo member Scott Hall after Hall attempted to defeat Vicious and win the title himself. Despite this, The Giant maintained his alliance with Sting, but strongly suggested that Sting had a decision to make in terms of his allegiance.

Bischoff said that he had