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Lottery scam reported in Limestone County, as well as dating scam

Ask their name, rank, and social. They were used to con a year old-woman.

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Scammers who lure men do so with promises of sex. The sheriff's office says if you have questions or concerns about something you receive that could possibly be a scam, talk to someone you know and trust and run it by them. Scammers who lure women talk of love now and in the future. That is very simple to do. If he wants you to show your devotion by sending money, well he can show his by providing information you can verify.

How to Avoid a Military Dating Scam

Ask for his email address ending in. If he is telling you that he needs money to take leave, here are some facts. If we pay for leave we only pay the plane ticket in the states. We pay no money for leave at all.

The odds are that his claim of being a soldier is fake if you have doubts. The catch was that it was before receiving any of the prize money. The original meaning remains unchanged.

If he is under cover or on secret work he would never tell you unless you have a clearance and a need to know what he does. They asked the victim to cash a check that was sent to them.

Not classified and even what you tell the enemy when captured. Check the social security death index to verify his claims.

All military folks have one. If he says he is military do not trust, especially if he uses a hotmail, yahoo or other free email account address. Scammer set up fake social media accounts, adolescent dating violence a comprehensive review then asked the victim to cash a check sent from the scammer to the victim and forward it to an account.

Scammers using different ploys to con victims out of thousands

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Only one was really who he said he was. Ask him in which county he received his divorce decree. And you can always ask law enforcement about it. Is he claiming that someone in his family died?