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An American dancer, Chachi Gonzales is all famous for her smooth moves and grooves along with her elegant body. But, often her relationship news also takes the spotlight. As of now, the lovebirds have been together for four years. In the emotional video, Josh revealed that they started losing values for each other, which eventually led towards the separation of their relationship. They are the relationship goals for us.

Even though his mother has been seen in quite a few of his videos, her identity is still a mystery. They are somebody to look up to when it comes to maintaining a smooth love life.

However this allegation was never confirmed

Growing up in California City Josh was raised in his birthplace, by parents of yet unknown names and professions. Nikita also featured him on her various videos including Ex Boyfriend does my makeup. Having had maintained a still love life for three years now, Chachi Gonzales, an American dancer, and choreographer is the one you should be looking. So, without any delay, let's find out what's so special in there between them. She suffered her sexuality from her early life.

Josh garnered an interest in acting from an early age, and had dreams about being cast in a big Hollywood production. However, sometimes she has some resentments and emotional issues towards her bae. She also thanked her plastic surgeon and the people who supported in her journey. Even though she was born as a boy, she was interested in dolls stuff, makeup, and beautiful dresses.

We wish both the love

They are enjoying the romantic perks of life with each other. We wish both the love birds maintain their strong bond in the future, and we hope they will continue to love each other till death. However, this allegation was never confirmed nor dismissed by either of the celebrities. His mother has appeared on several of his YouTube videos. She is an amazing dancer cum choreographer.

They are enjoying the

She is an elegant lady and moving along the beat with divine grace is what she is best in doing. They both love one another to every possible bit and never seem to miss a single chance to flaunt their bond out in the open.

It is not known whether Josh has a romantic relationship with Nikita now, nor whether he is dating anyone else. Over the years, he transformed his passion for acting into a drive for creating comedy videos for his YouTube channel. Chachi Gonzales and her relation with Josh Leyva is the definitions of relationship goals.

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She revealed a lot about the internal struggles and pain she went through. He is a native of California City, California and holds American nationality.