Jeremy sisto dating

Jeremy sisto dating

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Epatha Merkerson can't even stand appropriately close to the group.

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She was ultimately replaced by Jeremy Sisto. Despite being around for only one season, this cast makes the list for two reasons. And with that said, man do I love Courtney B. Martin left for a bit to be in the movie version of Rent, and was temporarily replaced with Michael Imperioli. People hated her very, very much.

She was ultimately replaced

Both casts had their good points, but overall, they caused some dark days in the criminal justice system. You can't cast Skeet Ulrich in anything, ever. But you have to hand it to Martin for continuing to fight the good fight. Orbach would have been constantly telling D'Onfrio to calm down.

Most of them were just tough women with great hair who looked like they'd just taken off their glasses. Stabler had the best thousand-yard stare this side of Henry Rollins. In other one-season news, when Dennis Farina left the show, Jesse L.