Jax24 dating

Jax24 dating

By all driveshafts are large diameter. Then in and the engine numbers climb again as expected. The bottom of this radiator was bolted to the frame crossmember and had a rod that extended between the bracket on the radiator top tank and the firewall. The first two starters are very similar, are activated by a foot pedal linkage, open nosed, and use a tooth flywheel. The rear axle can be identified by the shape of the differential cover see photos at left.

There are also a few transition blocks with casting number and the large flange. Most and newer vehicles have Donaldson air filters. To further complicate things Willys also had a manufacturing facility in California. The early shifters can be seen in the engine serial number location illustration above. Continued research also provided more accurate dating.

To further complicate

Late transfer case front axle engagement shifters were longer than the high-neutral-low range shifter. Both serial numbers are early in the model year. Block casting numbers are found just above the oil pan on the passenger side. Body tag numbers are initially close to the vehicle serial number and then skew to about less than the vehicle serial number. These differences can be used to roughly date when a vehicle was manufactured.

The more attractive the ladies find you, the more contacts you'll get. We keep our costs low and pass the savings on to our customers. This serial number would fall very late in the model year. During this time the serial numbers continued to climb with no regard for model year. The prefix was changed to indicate the model and model year and the serial number itself was reset to at the beginning of each model year.

Later vehicle frames are also different as the threaded holes for the fender splash apron bolts were eliminated. The Oakes air filter has a flat top while the Donaldson air filter top is dome shaped.

The early engine timing marks are located on the flywheel and viewed through a small hole in the engine rear plate. Existing vehicles also show the possibility of a short run of bottom mounted radiators after the side mounted radiator had been put into production. The fender part number did not change possibly because both types of fenders could be interchanged.

In the engine block was changed to one with a larger flange at the rear. The illustrations below show the difference between the small and large rear flanges.

Most and newer vehicles have

Three different starters were used. The change is appearing at approximately the same time as the to model year change.

There are also a few transition