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He wore makeup and dressed like a woman. Playing the role of the Joker, Leto apparently pulled some extreme and bizarre pranks on his co-stars - like sending a live rat to Margot Robbie.

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Total - Jared Leto's love life was thrust into the spotlight in early as he took award season by storm with fellow nominee and breakout star Lupita Nyong'o. Leto is a method actor Jared Leto doesn't just play characters - he becomes them. If you want to stay updated, then head over to Jared Leto's social media accounts. In the following year, adult colorado dating personals her name was connected with Jared Leto.

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Well, those are Jared Leto's other names. But Leto was also part of that film. Leto chose that name because it was his favorite Dr. During the event, Leto worked his way over to Nyong'o and was seen taking pictures and smiling blissfully at the actress. Leto also stayed in character throughout the filming.

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Without any doubt, she produced her name in the industry with a lot of work. But, she has been associated with few co-stars. Obviously, it compromised the actor's health.

Lupita Nyong'o's rumored boyfriend? He played the role of Angel Face, a man who gets recruited into Fight Club. He was cute as Jordan Catalano, but with his current Jesus look - it's not becoming.

To really get in his character, Leto starved himself for months and decided to live in the streets of Brooklyn. Afterward, she was assumed to be dating with Mobolaji Dawodu. As a lesbian I do admit to being a Lupita fan based on how well she wears clothes.

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He wanted to become a director while taking on minor acting roles. Those scarves and the Louboutin's need to go.

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