Gu hye sun ahn jae hyun dating

Gu hye sun ahn jae hyun dating

Her conversation with him was lovely, just candor and respect and sincerity, she laid out her worries but put forth what she wants from him to make it work. The President arrives and the aide tries to explain that the soldiers acted out of protocol and went on a solo rescue mission. My favorite scenes in this episode were, of course, the dinner scene when two incredible capable soldiers watch their lady loves bicker because of a past beef over a man. General Yoo sits in a meeting back in Seoul looking very concerned.

She says they were flirting and went to dinners in April. Shi Jin is powering through the facility and cornered by one minion who orders him to drop his gun. The soldiers walk out and everyone lines up to snap a picture. He asks Mo Yeon to hold the rock and see if she returns one day. Myung Joo and Mo Yeon are upset at how they went back to discussing the past.

Sargent Choi disarms the bomb and throws it out the window where it explodes dramatically. All four are such quick to jealousy types, which makes the passion burn bright for a fun dramatic watch, but likely will get tiring soon in real life. He calls her cute and she sasses back that she knows it. Shi Jin shoots that gun and Argus calls him insane.

The President arrives and the

General Yoo tells Shi Jin that he did a good job and there will be no punishment. Mo Yeon finds Shi Jin brooding by the ruins staring at the old picture of him and Argus as comrades-in-arms. She eventually formed a vocal band with college friends, but due to her gaining popularity through the internet as a model she put those goals on hold. He then orders them to stand down when he sees that Mo Yeon is wearing a bomb vest and Argus has the detonator in his hand.

Hopefully it involves Mo Yeon and Shi Jin finally getting to watch a movie together, among other more standard couply activities. The medical team waits outside for departure and watches as the Korean flag is raised over the clock tower. Ku held her first concert the same year. Shi Jin warns her not to call and tries to take the phone away.

They hug each other tightly. General Yoo is willing to take all responsibility so the aide orders his men to write a report and mete out punishment. He teases that he wants to see her doing that and then get serious that they need finally watch that movie.

That Mo Yeon was there alongside likely gave her the full picture she needed to make her decision, she can be told how dangerous Shi Jin lives but seeing it is a different story. She asks that he also get used to her nagging and worried about him, and give her that chance to be concerned. Mo Yeon meets with the remaining medical staff as they ready for their return to Seoul. The commander bids Shi Jin farewell with an admonition to stay alive no matter what. The camera pans across to them kissing.

Her conversation with him wasMy favorite scenes in