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We find so much complexity

Don't fall into this trap and treat each one as an individual of special attributes. Steve Jobs The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. You get the Indians, Asians, people of color and Caucasians making up this work force and it hasn't hurt it one bit.

Generalization of a person into a nationality or into a culture will never be efficient since a person is made up of more than his nationality or his culture. Individuals of this manner are few and far in between and meeting one is a great privilege indeed.

We find so much complexity and so much simplicity coexisting in all of us and as each finger print is unique from the rest, so are all of us different from each other. No one ever thought humans would be able to fly faster than the speed of sound except one person did. Be ready for surprises and expect anything to everything.

As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. We all make up this big melting pot of different nationalities and success or failure of an endeavor isn't dependent on this mix of different people and cultures. Don't forget to confirm subscription in your email. What's important is the dedication and the value each one attaches to the work each one has to do. Apps like Tinder make it easy to swipe through matches very quickly, so it can become addicting.

No one ever thought

How each one, although outwardly unconventional, is a wonder to humanity, how we are, from the dunce to the dork, the nerdy to the porky, the nutty to the pansy, all so beautiful to me. Respect and acceptance is a trait you will surely find in those that behold the beauty of everyone around them. Keep your focus on the inside because the outside doesn't show you everything that counts.

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Individuals of this manner are fewGeneralization of a person into a