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Either way, the spectacle can still be there. Gina had her leg trapped, but slipped out of it.

But none of those matches were even close to the mismatch that is Gina Carano vs. As soon as the fight opened, Cyborg started punching her and took her down. Gina Carano has good takedowns and great submission defense. Furthermore, Miesha was still one of two women who had ever given Ronda trouble, as she had taken back control in the first match.

But none of those matches wereGina had her

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The fact is, this is a freakshow fight. Pierre last year, coming directly off a loss to Carlos Condit. In fact, this may actually be worse than that. Boorphajarn in Thailand, who was one of the best Female Thai Boxers at that time. The first truly huge female star in the sport facing the current dominant female Bantamweight Champion.

Either way the spectacle can

Carano, for all her Muay Thai acumen, does not have a reasonable chance. On the ground, Conviction usually looks to end the fight via punches or elbows. Gina still claims that Kevin is the person who gave meaning to her life. Her biggest Muay Thai victory is the one against Bonus Sor.

Unfortunately, this is not Muhammed Ali, returning from a three year hiatus for conscientiously objecting to the Vietnam War and working his way back to a title shot and reclaimed glory. Gina Carano will be coming in after five years on the shelf, coming off a not-very-close loss, and leapfrog a much deeper division than the one that she left behind. In a sport, on some level or another, the chance to compete for a world championship is something earned, and not handed out because of accomplishments from six years ago. Chris Cariaso is certainly a bit of a head-scratcher. There were plenty of them in Pride.