Dating site reviews okcupid

Dating site reviews okcupid

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At one time OkCupid was completely free years ago. It appears modern and up to date with a smooth polished font and layout. The user who goes by the user id vornamesurname user on OkCupid. Matches are made up of a complicated mathematical and your own likes and dislikes and your answers to amusing questions generated by other users.

And if you gave an answer she wasn't looking for, your answer appears in pink. Suddenly three weeks later, I started getting lots of likes and messages so I checked them. If she didn't give the answer you were looking for, her answer appears in pink.

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They will take your money and run with it. Every single one has been ignored. It's sad that companies like this are allowed to continue. Sadly I feel has taken a turn for worse, as I see the users as nothing, but trash on OkCupid from my experience.

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There are just a few things that you can get for additional charges.

Scammers are going to ask you for money multiple times daily. It also added what looked like computer generated text to my profile while keeping my original text up top. The only real people there are s of miles away. They provide an email but tell you, after you write to them that they probably won't respond. Account closures to paying customers isn't a good business model.

Most of the profiles OkCupid did match with me, were completely not according to my wishful partner questions. Your answers don't affect your match percentages, but serve as a distinguishing and amusing way to get to know potential dates.

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It's not trans friendly because of this. While that seems like it would be an advantage, and it is for the most part, it can also be disadvantageous. All the links and buttons are clear and easy to find. Until they do that it's pure bs. There are a lot of members and you can get a date quickly but it doesn't give you much time to feel out the other person.

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It is now and I have yet to receive help after sending feedback sometimes as often as more than once a day. No one should be able to put up a profile without photo Id verification. These guys are a total scam. They will rob you and give you no way of rectifying the situation.

If your answers match hers, the text appears in black. They have attempted to make it like Tinder and no one you pick ever matches.