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Branch is heavily implied to be in love with Poppy, and she seems to reciprocate by the end of the movie, but in the end nothing is confirmed. It's possible that they are in love with each other and just don't realize it, but aside from a ton of Ship Tease the show doesn't really portray them as a couple. Duke and Hikaru clearly cared for each other and loved spending time together, old woman online dating but it was never explicitly stated they were together. Rin's observations and Kagura's thoughts imply that Kagura's in love with Sesshomaru. Gajeel remaining Oblivious to Love is much more played up.

Multiple ways to play and contribute. There's subtle implications, such as when they arrived together for the student council's vacation to Okino Island, as if the were a couple.

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The biggest one still up in the air is ironically Lucy and Natsu. Expect there to be at least some fans who pair the couple up regardless. Just in case things weren't confusing enough. The exact nature of Takaki's relationship with Yuuka is ambiguous enough that it borders on being a case of Hide Your Lesbians.

Submit your game here and who knows you could be famous! Whether the relationship goes deeper than that is up for interpretation.

It isn't long before their friends and even their enemies become aware that there's something between them. He does blush when they dance together, though. The two share several bonding moments, and are shown to really enjoy dancing with each other at one point, but nothing is confirmed by the end of the movie. Setsuna and Marina are more like Platonic Life-Partners.

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Don't just play games on AddictingGames. Rogue One depicts a certain chemistry between Jyn and Cassian, which culminates in an intense Held Gaze during an elevator ride that leaves a lot of things left unspoken. So when the second season pairs her with another character, with Tai's full support, screen canon wasn't broken but the world's headcanon was. Suzuna even become their Shipper on Deck. They seem like a Beta Couple except that they don't do anything overtly romantic onscreen.

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Juvia was very obviously always interested in him, but Gray tended to treat her as just an ally at first while rejecting her overt displays of affection. Carly canonically has feelings for Jack, and Jack has something for her. Later arcs have him slowly transitioning to tolerating to even reciprocating them, though never overtly. The rage still hasn't died over that one. The directors have fully acknowledged that this issue has to be addressed if a sequel is made.

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It's been clearly established by Word of God that they are best friends by the end of the movie. Give the gift of fun to fellow gamers. Of course, we never get confirmed non-platonic-ness. This is the best place on the web to play games for free!

They never quite reach the Official Couple status, but most fans take that status for granted. One of the directors, in particular, doesn't get tired of hinting there's something between them and maybe they will become a thing in future works. Petra's father even tells Levi that his daughter was thinking about getting married, unknown to the fact that Levi just watched her die. It even went as far as to give them a Maybe Ever After. Add your favorite games from AddictingGames.

Todoroki and Yaoyorozu hold a very strong mutual respect for each other and after being paired up during a training exercise, help each other work through their issues. All this without a single kiss onscreen. It eventually came out that Carly's arc was changed because, as odd as it sounds, her original voice actress was fired after she was found to be a member of a cult. The audience isn't quite sure either.

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On the one hand, he believes in marrying for political gain. But wait had anyone actually said that the two of them are together, or are you just assuming? Poppy and Branch in Trolls. Then went on to spend years mourning her.

In other continuities they did become Official Couple on panel, though. By the end of the manga, almost all of the couples are definitively resolved one way or another.

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Yuzu is the least ambiguous example. Even the writers, producers, and voice actors can't agree. And who knows what the deal is with Poe! Even Lisanna pretty much admits that they make a cute couple during the Grand Magic Games.

Submit your game now and we might put it in front of an audience of millions. Comic Books The Harvey Comics Casper the Friendly Ghost series has Casper and Wendy, when the two cross over, as inseparable best friends who have been so since time out of mind. Gajeel and Levi, especially in later arcs. Word of God outright states that Kaiba's obsession with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon is because of his past incarnation's deep feelings for Kisara, the origin of its Ka. From the same series, Mamori and Hiruma.

Axis Powers Hetalia is a confusing case. Lampshaded in the fact that many of Willie's real girlfriends are often portrayed as being jealous of his feelings towards Modesty.

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They blush around each other and Mulan asks the captain to stay for dinner, but no one outright says that they are a couple. However, also worth noting is that they don't do anything more than hug, and romantic kissing among trolls is shown to exist in the film's opening number.