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Dating brownie hawkeye camera, the First Kodak Camera

The Early Development of Kodak

Go here to learn how to properly clean your Hawkeye before shooting. This all sounds a lot harder than it actually is and can be done by anyone who has used a nail clipper.

They are a recognition that great photographs are often a long way from technically perfect photographs. If you have a mid-to-late model, which most people have, you may have to bend the tabs some, see below. You don't notice the soft shot here because of the small viewing or print size. The left shot was very sharp, the right shot was very soft because of camera movement.

The bottom of the case, with official Kodak nomenclature. Once done, you are all set to load any film, always keeping in mind that you will have to save the take-up spool for loading the next time. Open the camera and hold the front part containing the lens up to a strong light source. The resulting pictures will have a charm of their own, while also stimulating creative ideas when you use modern cameras. Keep the camera out of the direct sun as much as possible, otherwise you may get light streaks from a leaky box or shutter system.

The lens is a plastic single element, which is set at a focus point somewhere between five feet and infinity. Prints and scans from your developer will probably need to be adjusted, especially from highlight blow-out, which is easily recoverable on color negative film.

Camera Speed Dating – Kodak Brownie Hawkeye

You can use this artistically if you want. In other words, you will have to load the film onto a spool. The next concern is the length of the spool, which probably won't cause any problems based on my experiences with three different variations of the Hawkeye. For our purposes, longer is not much of a problem, it's the larger ends that need to be trimmed to the basic size as the spool ends.

This is about all you need for this camera. The wide tolerance of film is the only reason the fixed exposure of a box camera can work at all. Take note of the way the film is not laying flat across the chamber, which causes soft sides, there is no film pressure plate on this camera. Polarizer use is fine, just hold it up to the viewfinder lens, adjust, then move it down in front of the regular lens. Section two, product shots with descriptions.

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Compensate for the Primitive Viewfinder The Brownie Hawkeye viewing system is not exactly a model of precision. Watch Out for Lens Flare The Brownie Hawkeye lens is just a piece of clear plastic and wants to flare out at the least provocation. It happen to be one of the only sunny afternoons in January and I decided to nip outside on my lunch break with the only camera lying around, icar barapani tenders dating a roll film Brownie Hawkeye.

Antique Kodak Cameras

The Olympus is using more sharpening, and smoothing out some details, see wood grain in back while the Hawkeye has some film grain visible, and appears slightly softer in certain areas. Here are some resized, full images taken with three different Hawkeye cameras, all turned in the same results. Converting a Hawkeye to Take Film And finally, if you are thinking of shooting with a Hawkeye camera, consider the following advice.

Underneath, you'll see the absence of a tripod socket, which means you'll have a tough time making good long exposure shots. Film and take up spool adds. Here's the issue you'll be dealing with as far as film goes. To have no control of the exposure was liberating for me, within limits, of course, and it led to pleasant surprises. The field case is a snug fit, but allows you to turn the winding knob ok.

You'll get a good idea of the characteristics, and resolution of this camera by this one picture. The main subject looks nice and sharp here, the limited depth of field softens the area around the plant, which is fine. You get the best results from working with, not against, its limitations.

Load the film like you see above. It looks to me like the overall resolution is about the same. This shot shows the lens opening, flush mounted shutter button, and the viewfinder lens.

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The code can be stamped or etched in a variety of places. This means keeping your distance to at least five feet, and with the sun at your back, just as Kodak recommended a half-century ago.

Why I Still Shoot with a Vintage Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Film Camera

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It was actually a bit difficult for me to lighten up and just press the shutter button without dragging out light meters and overthinking the picture before me. The two buttons on top unsnap, and the front drops down and out of the way of picture taking. You can also see the light fall-off left shot caused by the close-up attachment. To test the shutter operation, hold the complete locked camera, with the red window facing a strong light source, and look through the front of the lens.

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The newer model uses self-setting inserts. The dark band down the middle is a mullion.