Couples dating service

Couples dating service

John and Ann have couple date number two. He thought he had enough friends and wanted to get back to the intimate dates. Ann took a deep breath and reached down to curl her fingers around his thick sweaty shaft.

Glenn grabbed some beers and wine

The boat was parked in a small cove next to a tiny beach. She noticed the woman's pure white skin. No one had touched her this gently before and the woman's fingers felt so good. He expected Colleen to be shocked but was surprised when Colleen's mouth opened to accept his wife's tongue.

He tried to get a betterAbout halfway down a woman waved

Glenn grabbed some beers and wine coolers from a small cooler and they all sat on the blanket sipping and looking out at the fantastic view. She knew her husband was out for the night like he normally was after consuming two six-packs of beer. His eyes moved immediately to the woman.

His eyes took in her strong muscular thighs and ass as he swam behind her. Her bronze body was barely hidden by the thin strips of cloth.

As his lips moved to press against hers her hands moved up and pushed him back. Their tongues met in the middle and tasted each other before moving past their lips and into the other one's mouth. About half-way down a woman waved at them. He tried to get a better look but they were too far away.

Their tongues met in the middleAs his lips moved to pressShe knew her