Consolidate Meaning in Telugu

Consolidating meaning in telugu

Virupaksha Raya managed to rule for a few months before he was murdered by his own sons. He successfully kept the Bahamani Sultans and the Gajapatis away from the kingdom and quelled many rebellions by unfaithfull chieftains, trying to exert their independence. For a list of these films, see List of box office bombs.

It is said that Bukka also sent a mission to China during his reign. The agitation it produces must be submitted to.

Virupaksha Raya managed to rule for

Saluva Dynasty had given three kings during their period. Tanjore and Mysore rulers still paid the annual tributes while Madurai and Gingee rulers grudgingly followed. In addition, Achyuta Raya had to contend with the powerful Aliya Rama Raya, who was competing for the throne. That is where diversity of output comes in. There are rules governing foreign ownership of Australian media and these rules were loosened by the former Howard Government.

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It had given five emperors for the Vijaynagar kingdom and was ruled with Vijayanagara capital. In practice, sector-specific media concentration rules have been abolished in some European countries in recent years.

Viranarasimha Raya was next crowned in and spent all his years fighting rebel warlords. Theaters is the number of theaters in which the movie is showing. External pluralism applies instead to the overall media landscape, for instance in terms of the number of media outlets operating in a given country. They ruled almost the entire South India with Vijaynagar as their capital.

On more than one occasion the Bahamani Sultans were brought in to play the role of mediator between the king and Ailya Rama Raya in the game of power sharing. He belonged to the tuluva bunt community. The kingdom prospered and continued to expand as Bukka Raya conquered most of the kingdoms of southern India, continually expanding the territory of the empire. At first, Immadi Narasa Nayaka, the eldest son of Tuluva Narasa Nayaka became king and lasted at the throne for two years before being assassinated. An important work on Vedas was completed during his time.

See List of biggest opening weekends. He took more efforts in the upkeep of his cavalry and army in general. Its founder was Tirumala, whose brother Rama Raya had been the masterful regent of the last ruler of the previous dynasty. Although much of the everyday mainstream news is drawn from the Australian Associated Press, all the privately owned media outlets still compete with each other for exclusive pop culture news.

However, Mallikarjuna Raya was unlike his father, and was generally a weak and corrupt ruler. The European Commission failed to meet this deadline. Out of these options, the first one was chosen but the debate on this decision lasted for years. Besides being the owner of radio and television stations, and of the main local newspapers, it has two Internet portals. However, in a free market economy, owners must have the capacity to decide the strategy of their company to remain competitive in the market.

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The two Sanskrit works Achyutabhyudayam and

It is also common that the distributor gets either a percentage of the gross revenue, or a higher percentage of the revenue after deducting the nut, whichever is larger. It is said that a sage Madhav Vidyaranya and his brother Sayana were the inspirational source for this empire. The two Sanskrit works Achyutabhyudayam and Varadambikaparinayam describe the kings life and rule in detail.

Since a single theater may show a movie on multiple screens, the total number of screens is used as another measure. Murari Rao and his Golkonda raiders were defeated, Murari Rao was pursued by Chennappa who captured and imprisoned him in a cage. He was called the rakshakarta protector and svami Lord. The incumbent king Prauda Raya fled thus starting the rule of Saluva Narasimha. The emperors were great patrons of art and culture.

For a list of these films

He, after a few years of hardships, reestablished the Vijaynagar rule in Penukonda, in present day Andhra Pradesh. He defeated the Sultanate of Madurai in and extended his territory into the south all the way to Rameswaram. Upon his death, the succession was disputed.