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As the group all return from work they're shocked to be greeted by Jack, who announces that he's their new housemate. Nicole returns to the house, but is left disappointed when no one answers the door. Carley, Jenna and Lateysha all compete for Jack's attention causing Chidgey to get angry.

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Jason accidentally tells Natalee that Anthony cheated on her in Australia leaving her upset and doubting the relationship. Chidgey is far from impressed after finding out that everyone will learn how to strip for Valleywood nights, and is even less impressed to be taught by Jack.

She has returned to university to study law, and learned how to make potato wedges, according to her Twitter feed. Following another night where the girls compete for Jack's attention, it's Jenna that catches his eye, but she reveals she doesn't want to be second best to anyone so rejects him.