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The first picture Wilson exhibited at the R. Ossett railway station, located roughly where Southdale Gardens now is, was opened in by the Great Northern Railway. Edward Clay, the borough's first mayor was a rag and mungo manufacturer. Many of the leaders of these churches meet regularly to collaborate and support each other.

Some mills remain derelict. Ossett Beercart takes place on the first weekend of June. Ossett Cricket Club also play at Dimplewells.

Ossett is home to two real ale breweries. The crime novelist David Peace b.

The first pictureSome mills remain derelict

The business still remains in Wesley Street. The Heavy Woollen District has its own cricket association and its own cricket team. Residents of Ossett are eligible to play for the Heavy Woollen District team.

Streetside Post Office is a reminder of the Roman origins of the road. It is now the largest town in Yorkshire and one of the largest towns in Britain without a railway station. This however does leave Ossett with higher priced housing compared to nearby areas. One interpretation is that it was mocking the town's heavy pollution when it was industrialised. Ossett Gala takes place in July.

It is likely that an unmanned station would be erected at Healey Mills. Other have been converted into units, some of the most prominent being Royd's Mill on the Leeds Road roundabout and the large congregation of mills in the Healey area. In a bus station was opened in the town built by the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive replacing an earlier bus station constructed in the s.

Ossett Beercart takes place on