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Various streams criss-cross the town and empty into the Bay of Montevideo. In the same year, the Mercado del Puerto was inaugurated.

Langsdorff committed suicide two days later. The siege was lifted at the end of that year, when the military situation started deteriorating in the Upper Peru region. The coastline forming the city's southern border is interspersed with rocky protrusions and sandy beaches. The previously independent localities of the Villa del Cerro and La Teja were annexed to Montevideo, becoming two of its neighborhoods.

During the May Revolution of and the subsequent uprising of the provinces of Rio de la Plata, the Spanish colonial government moved to Montevideo. In the summer, a moderate wind often blows from the sea in the evenings which has a pleasant cooling effect on the city, in contrast to the unbearable summer heat of Buenos Aires. After the end of hostilities, a period of growth and expansion started for the city. In winter there are bursts of icy and relatively dry winds and continental polar air masses, giving an unpleasant chilly feeling to the everyday life of the city.

Among these changes were the right of divorce and women's right to vote. The result weakened the military and triggered its fall, allowing the return of democracy. Urban expansion, however, moved very slowly because of the events that followed. Its coastline near the emptying rivers are heavily polluted. The earliest securely dated picture of the city.

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