Aoyama and mint are dating fanfiction

Aoyama and mint are dating fanfiction

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Btw, the rest of the mews left to finish working. The boys took their girlfriends by the hand and teleported. It fits her cheerful and romantic personality. The brawn to Minto's beauty and Retasu's brains.

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The story keeps going in different directions, due to the fact that I'm insane. She came on to me it wasn't my fault. Appearance Masaya has darkly tanned skin, short black hair, and orange-y brown eyes.

You do not have to read this if you do not wish to. Kisshu teleported in to find Pai and Taruto waiting for him. Except for the blonde Bu-ling. The typical ditzy mahou shojo heroine.

Btw the rest of the

Aoyama eventually starts calling her by her first name, but while she hopes to eventually do the same with him, she doesn't get around to doing so in the dub, they're always on a first name basis. Interestingly, in the manga, Zakuro is said to have black hair at one point, suggesting purple is, indeed, here just for convenience.

Personality Masaya doesn't receive as much screen time as the series's main characters, so his personality isn't quite as developed. Then they noticed Ichigo, and both of them looked wary. Then as if on cue he saw me and started yelling. The date was to be held in the park. Sometimes shows these as Mew Ichigo.

Whenever she gets excited, her ears and tail will sprout. Kisshu was woken up by someone knocking on his door. Also, if she's ever kissed, she will turn into a small black cat. Pai and Taruto looked at each other, worried. Whether I called her a toy or not, she'd still hate me.

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Much like Ichigo and Masaya, Kyo and I are now dating. We live right on the other side of this park with our grandparents. My eyes were probably all puffy and red because he entered uber-concerned mode.

The brawn to Minto's beauty andThe boys took their girlfriends

As the leader and main character. Pai nodded, and the two Cyniclons teleported off.