Alto 800 car price in bangalore dating

Alto 800 car price in bangalore dating

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But, on a twisty section, the Alto is quite a joy. It is still based on the same platform as the older Alto so the wheelbase, the front and rear track lengths and the suspension mounting hard points remain the same. Verdict Given that every panel on the car is new, Maruti could have done a more visually appealing and bold looking car.

In fact, the Maruti engine is also quieter and more refined. Not only do the plastics feel richer than before, the fit and finish has improved too. There's body roll, yes, but the car feels a lot more confident, chuckable and planted than any other car at this price point. It's also good fun to drive, by the way. So to really get moving and to stay ahead of the traffic one does need to work the engine hard.

The interior Inside though, Maruti has done a good job. The space inside has improved, nonetheless. But as a city car that's easy to drive, efficient and reasonably well put together, it does a great job.

The interior Inside though Maruti has

And Maruti has finally realised that.

The Alto overall though is great news for entry-level car buyers. And though we don't rate the styling of the new car very highly, it does look refreshing compared to the older car. It makes more power and torque compared to the older Alto as well. It's nowhere as bad as on the Eon, though.

The body panels though are completely new. Engine Under the hood of the Alto is the same cc, three cylinder engine as before. On the highway, this can be tedious and its limited top end can get bothersome as well. It's only when you give it the stick, revving it to the high reaches of the rev band, does the engine sound and feel coarse. Read full review Introduction It is India's largest selling car and clearly the most preferred among first time car buyers.

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